Bjelovar eastern bypass to improve connection with Zagreb

BJELOVAR, 14.03.2018.

Transport and Infrastructure Minister Oleg Butkovic on Wednesday attended the opening of construction work on the HRK 60 million eastern bypass road at Bjelovar, about 80 kilometres northeast of Zagreb.

Butkovic and Mayor Dario Hrebak signed an agreement for the reconstruction of roads leading from Bjelovar to Farkasevac so that the Vrbovec-Farkasevac section of a future fast road could be opened as soon as possible.

The Strabag company has begun work on the first phase of the eastern bypass, whose purpose is to divert cargo traffic from the centre of Bjelovar. The project is worth HRK 60 million (EUR 8 million) and is to be completed within 20 months.

Butkovic said that the bypass road was only a minor step in the government's plan to better connect Bjelovar with Zagreb. A fast road is currently being built on the Vrbovec-Farkasevac section, which is designed to connect Farkasevac with Bjelovar.